Just some of the people electrified about Solutionary Rail

“Gil Carmichael gave us the concept in 1999. RAIL Solution later provided a logo, a brand name, and a website. Now Solutionary Rail has contributed a valuable next step in this fine work drawing together in one place a comprehensive statement of the benefits of electrification and the Steel Interstate.”

~ David Foster, Executive Director, RAIL Solution


“The railroads were the engine that built the commercial heart of America. Lincoln foresaw how the transcontinental railroads would be crucial to uniting a continental country, and subsequent advances such as the telegraph were therefore enabled. The concepts laid out in Solutionary Rail show that once again railroads can lead the way from the fossil fuel based society to an electric society dominated by renewable energy and more energy-effective commercial transportation.”
~ Alexander E. MacDonald, President, American Meteorological Society, Retired Director of NOAA’s Earth System Research Laboratory,
Director, Global Validation Model, Spire Global, Inc.


“Solutionary Rail is a visionary demonstration project that will not only help keep fossil fuels in the ground, Solutionary Rail will catalyze an economic renaissance in rural communities along the line. What an elegant solution. Read this book and get inspired to create a more sustainable future!”
~ Luther Propst, Founder, Sonoran Institute, board member, George B. Storer Foundation.


“Extreme extraction and the transport of fossil fuels has been devastating for Indigenous peoples in the US, Canada and around the world. Railroads have been a tool of colonization, the political takings of indigenous lands and genocide. Indigenous peoples have however persevered despite all odds. A new era of Indigenous Peoples rising up in strategic resistance in defense and protection of the sacredness of Mother Earth is taking place from the North to the Global South. It is renewing humanity, guiding it away from self-destruction all across this continent and specifically in the corridor from the Great Lakes, across the prairie lands, the Rockies, to the Salish Sea. “The seventh generation principle and responsibilities to the rights of Mother Earth—Nature is not some abstract, romantic idea, but an ethic for survival of communities, the environment and all Life. Solutionary Rail taps into that spiritual challenge to change course and returns with a transformative vision for redeeming railroads and a society addicted to their dangerous cargo. Indigenous and nonindigenous rural communities can be part of this solution by powering these trains and their communities with renewable energy, and transmitting the surplus to the cities. So, when on behalf of future generations there is so much to which we must fiercely say ‘No!’ — Solutionary Rail offers us something to which we can all proudly say ‘Yes!’ ”
~ Tom Goldtooth, Executive Director, Indigenous Environmental Network, www.ienearth.org, www.indigenousrising.org


“Agriculture was started and sustained by high quality transportation and now transportation, especially rail, is heavily sustained by the largest user of the US transportation network, agricultural traffic and attendant revenue streams. Public participation in all modes has historical precedent: rail land grants, highway funding and waterway development. But the issue now is the historical efficiency and sustainability of fossil fueled rail transport. The proposition of electrically powered railroads offers agriculture a more positive future, since electricity may be cost effective, is environmentally appealing and offers a future of high capacity and fast service, leading to environmental and economic sustainability. Agriculture critically needs railroads and railroads need agriculture.”
~ Kenneth Casavant, Director, Freight Policy Transportation Institute,
Washington State University


“The positive impacts of implementing Solutionary Rail are much broader than first meets the eye. It could very well help resolve existing stalemates on dam removal by giving farmers the confidence that they will have the rail capacity to get their grain to market. That could in turn dramatically increase the return of salmon to the Columbia and Snake rivers, which in turn would increase orca whale populations and improve the fishery. We need win-win solutions and that’s why Save Our Wild Salmon supports this inspiring and doable proposal.”
~ Sam Mace, Inland Northwest Director, Save Our Wild Salmon


“We are what we eat. But also we are how we travel. We need to move beyond gloom and doom to holistic solutions. America desperately needs a new transportation system, as well as a regenerative food, farming, energy, and political system. Part of the transformation is outlined in this visionary new book, Solutionary Rail by Bill Moyer and his able team. All aboard!”
~ Ronnie Cummins, Director, Organic Consumers Association


“Solutionary Rail provides a pragmatic and sustainable approach for revitalizing our national economy and infrastructure. In particular, rural America will benefit from the economic stimulus, new jobs and the source for renewable energy from this state-of-the-art rail electrification system. Solutionary Rail provides a path to the future in which everyone will benefit.”
~ Patrick Cox, Ph.D., Director, Cooperative Leadership Network and Past President and Director, Pedernales Electric Cooperative, Texas


“The Solutionary Rail book addresses an issue which I have long advocated with regard to electrification of railways as an essential step in modernizing America’s railway network for improved freight and passenger transportation between cities which is long overdue.”
~ Dr. Hal Cooper, consulting engineer and infrastructure expert


“This book is a must read for anyone who works for a railroad, wants to work for a railroad, or wants to come to a better understanding on how transportation can be restructured to fill the needs of a planet killing itself on fossil fuels.”
~ Jeff Kurtz, Retired 41-year locomotive engineer with BNSF. and Iowa State Legislative Board Chairman ( 2004–2014 )with the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen


“Reaching 100% clean energy means finding fossil free solutions for 100% of our economy. Solutionary Rail dares to take one of the toughest challenges for long-distance ground transportation in a modern economy, and double dares us to envision integrated solutions for rural economic development and renewable energy development in the same landscape of opportunity.”
~ Dr. Holmes Hummel, Clean Energy Works, former Department of Energy policy advisor


“As a society, we must move away from the use of fossil fuel; however, a modern technological society requires mobility. Merely saying no to fossil fuel is not a solution. This project is an excellent positive step. We are running out of time. Tomorrow cannot be a copy of today.”
~ Thomas White, railroad operations consultant and co-author of Traffic


“Bill Moyer’s Solutionary Rail team outline a truly exciting and equitable vision for the ever elusive ‘just transition’ we’re all searching for as we move away from fossil fuels. This is systemic change in action!”
~ Daphne Wysham, Director, Climate and Energy Program, Center for
Sustainable Economy


“A key policy discussion is going on across North America about the role of railroads with respect to Climate Change. Railroaders and community safety activists alike need to understand we must be part of that discussion. The publication of Solutionary Rail is an important contribution to that discussion. I encourage every railroader to read it…and think about it.”
~ Fritz Edler, retired 37 year veteran railroader and BLET Division Chair, Special Representative for Railroad Workers United


“A brilliant solution to our simultaneous need to cut carbon emissions and improve our transportation infrastructure. Brilliant!”
~ Thom Hartmann, author, radio and television journalist


“Americans are eager for big projects that reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. Solutionary Rail should certainly get the attention of our fellow citizens—especially those surrounded by giant diesel-guzzling trucks tearing up our already crumbling interstate highways. This new proposal might very well kindle a new fire in the public debate about our country’s transportation and energy future.”
~ Roger Hickey, Co-Director, Campaign for America’s Future


“Electrification of transportation is a critical part of decarbonizing our economy. Solutionary Rail makes the vital link between clean renewable energy as the necessary electricity supply to reducing emissions from the diesel trains and longhaul trucks. This book challenges us all to re-envision our energy infrastructure.”
~ Nancy Hirsh, Executive Director, NW Energy Coalition


“As the US population grows, along with the attending to the need for greater
movement of goods, we have to protect mobility for people from the surging demand across a constrained network. Solutionary Rail thinks big in laying out its capacity building blueprint for how to keep America moving efficiently and sustainably.”
~ Sean Jeans-Gail, Vice President, National Association of Railroad Passengers