Know the Rules!

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​Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs)
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Every part of Oregon State government has administrative rules. But they’re not just for state employees — these rules extend to nearly every part of Oregon, every day. And they can be critical to you and your family or job in unexpected ways.

But the official rules are terribly formatted. Because they use a primitive, computer-output formula that doesn’t show you the relationship between a paragraph, its sub-paragraphs, and the sub-sub-paragraphs, and not even the sub-sub-sub-paragraphs (really!), the most complex rules are fantastically hard to read without great effort, which frequently causes confusion about what the rules really say.  (See for yourself. Find OAR 137-020-0020, for example.)

That’s why had the OARs reformatted and presented in a clear, clean type and with indents — that way, when you look at any rule, you can at least see which part of the rule and its exceptions and conditions are related.

Note, however, that because these readable OARs are not the official rules, you cannot rely on them to be the current version. We recommend you find the rules you need here, but also check the same rule at the official site to confirm that the rule you looked up has not changed since this site was updated (22 September 2015).