OregonPEN, Vol. 3, No. 50 – 27 January 2018 – Going on Hiatus

Oregon Public Empowerment News, OregonPEN, regrets to announce that, having published weekly for just shy of three years, the publication must go on hiatus for the indefinite future.

The hope is that OregonPEN can someday be reorganized and return to publication and fulfill the original vision:

  • Offering readers news and information for making Oregon a better, more just, more informed, and more environmentally sustainable place, with Oregonians enjoying better health and prospects for the future;


  • Offering all Oregonians and the over 1400 state and local governments and special districts that serve them with a new all-digital-format newspaper of general circulation;


  • Making public and legal notices publishing much faster, and much, much cheaper, all while offering richer notices in a medium far more suitable — both for those required to  publish the notices and for those seeking the content they contain — to the task than the existing paper-based newspapers of general circulation in print today.


  • Using the net OregonPEN revenue from publishing public and legal notices to fund organizations that support public empowerment in Oregon, starting with such vital services as Legal Aid Services of Oregon (LASO) and growing to help fund other groups that provide the many essential services for the betterment of Oregon that the market struggles to provide.

Farewell for now.