The “Because Oregon Has Solved All Real Problems” Initiative

Initiative filed to propose constitutional amendment to solve non-existent voter fraud crisis

Frequent chief petitioners James Buchal and Michael Nearman have re-cycled a failed constitutional amendment idea from 2016 by filing it as proposed measure 2018-005. Basically a bog-standard Voter ID provision of the kind that has swept many US states seeking to discourage voter turnout, the backers hope to bring Oregon into the mix by adding the idea to the Oregon Constitution. 

It mostly duplicates the prior failed attempt (2016-51) with one interesting change: Whereas, in 2016, the initiative authors proposed 10 years for Oregonians who still wanted to vote to get compliant ID, this year’s model has only a 2-year window for everyone to get the necessary ID.

Proof of qualifications of electors.

  1. (a) Proof of United States citizenship shall be required to register to vote in all elections in the State  of Oregon.
  1. (b) Proof shall consist only of the prospective voter providing the state or county registration authority, or such authority obtaining, one or more of the following documents or records pertaining to the prospective voter:
  2.      (i) United States passport;
  1.      (ii) Certificate of Naturalization issued by the United States Department of  Homeland Security;

      (iii) Certification of Report of Birth of a Citizen of the United States of America issued by the United States  Department  of State  (Form  DS-1350 or successor);

  1.      (iv) Original or certified copy of a birth certificate issued by a state, county, municipal authority, commonwealth, territory or outlying possession of the United States bearing an official    seal;
  2.      (v) A document attesting United States citizenship issued by a federally-recognized Native American tribe;

      (vi) Confirmation of birth in the State of Oregon by the Oregon Center for Health  Statistics;

     (vii) An American Indian card, with KIC classification, issued by the United States Department of Homeland Security;

  1.      (viii) A final adoption decree showing United States  birthplace;

     (ix) An official United States military record of service showing United States  birthplace;

  1.      (x) An extract from a United States hospital record of birth created at or near the time of the  prospective voter’s birth showing United States birthplace;  or
  2.      (xi) if the prospective voter makes application to the Secretary of State, certifying a lack of any of the above documents under penalty of perjury, the Secretary shall make inquiry to the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service to verify the applicant’s citizenship status, which verification or denial shall be controlling; if the Secretary obtains no response to the inquiry, the applicant may offer other evidence or documentation related to United States citizenship, and if the Secretary finds after a contested case hearing that such evidence is at least as reliable as the above documentation, the Secretary may declare the applicant qualified to vote.
  1.      (c) All existing registrations to vote in Oregon elections shall expire two years after enactment of this section, unless renewed in compliance with the proof of United States citizenship requirements of this   section.
  2.      (d) The State of Oregon shall provide free of charge, to any Oregon resident who was born in the State of Oregon and who signs a declaration under penalty of perjury that he or she has lost his or her birth certificate and he or she does not possess any of the other documents listed in Section (b)(i)-(x), a replacement certified birth certificate  for the  purpose of qualifying to vote.