The Year Ahead: OregonPEN Climate Chaos Issue

To further OregonPEN’s mission of public empowerment, and in the belief that ignorance is disempowering, this issue of OregonPEN focuses on the consequences that we can expect here in Oregon from the climate chaos we are unleashing throughout the world.

This includes the executive summary and a major section from the Oregon Public Health Division’s “Climate and Health Profile Report” (Haggerty B, York E, Early-Alberts J, Cude C. Oregon Climate and Health Profile Report. Oregon Health Authority. September 2014: Portland, OR), which is available for free download (80 page pdf).

OregonPEN is also proud to offer the latest presentation by Gail Tverberg, a professional actuary who has turned her training in risk assessment toward analyzing the probable causes and potential consequences posed by the limits to growth, which are becoming ever more apparent even as the penalties for several centuries of heedless carbon emissions are beginning to bite. The takeaway message is that an economy built only to expand by virtue of cheap energy becomes very brittle when that cheap energy to fuel the expansion and the catalyst of ready capital become un-affordable or unavailable. The most sobering aspect of Tverberg’s analysis is that she argue convincingly that we have missed the window of opportunity that we had to develop robust alternatives to fossil fuels in the time between James Hansen’s warning to congress about global warming and the peak in conventional (cheap) oil. Now industrial economies worldwide are caught in a vice of rising population and diminishing returns on all the basic elements needed to provide for those populations.


A poster that should be featured prominently in every school and public building in Oregon.