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Oregon Public Empowerment Network LLC is a “B” Company, a private company formed for the public interest rather than just for profit.

The objective of OPEN LLC is to publish Oregon PEN, an all-digital newspaper to empower and engage Oregonians in making Oregon better. Oregon PEN will be an “all signal, no noise” newspaper, sifting through the flood of information competing for your attention and informing readers about the most significant issues and providing information needed to make a difference.

All proceeds above expenses will be go to support organizations and entities that empower Oregonians either by providing direct services in critical areas (such as Legal Aid), or by building Oregon’s capacity to tackle the critical issues that we need to address to make Oregon better for everyone. 

OregonPEN.org. Weekly Oregon issues/legal E-newspaper.
All signal, no noise, fluff or filler. Seriousness without solemnity.

OregonPEN Staff:

Lisa Nuss is editor of the OregonPEN. Her opinions have been published in the London Guardian, Huffington Post, Philadelphia Inquirer and the San Francisco Chronicle. Her work has been included in the curriculum in university courses and at the Southern Poverty Law Center. As an undergrad, Nuss was named the Gerlinger Cup winner at the University of Oregon. She later earned earned both a J.D. and M.P.A. from the University of Washington. Contact Nuss at http://author-analyst.weebly.com/